Friday, November 14, 2014

Tomato slices in Balsamic vinegar...with Chicken Piccata

My husband got home early last night and texted me to ask if I would like for him to start dinner. He had to ask? He knew I had defrosted chicken breasts. "Sure," I texted back, and suggested Chicken Piccata, a recipe I knew he was familiar with.
My husband is resourceful. He got out his tablet and found a recipe to refer to online somewhere. He opened a bottle of Hearst Ranch chardonnay, using a little splash in his piccata sauce.
When I arrived home, I was treated to a glass of wine and a delictible platter of chicken dripping with butter and capers with buttery penne pasta. All it needed was some greens and a vegetable, so I added some ready-made Spring mix dressed with a lemony viniagrete. Thinking we needed more vegetables, I sliced some Roma tomatoes from our SLO Veg box, drizzled them in Balsamic vinegar and sprinkled them with sea salt. (If I cared to get fancy, I would have put some basil leaves on top). Press the "Easy" button and let's eat!

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